A Quick Note About These Recipes

This blog is a labor of love and a work in progress. I hope to have all of my personal recipes translated and uploaded by November of this year. I have a LOT of recipes, some loaded into several spreadsheets on my computer, some filling notebooks and journals, with others written on flash cards or scraps of paper scattered throughout my home. Add the revisions of recipes tucked into (or written directly onto the pages of) about 2 floor to ceiling shelving units worth of cookbooks, and you have an idea of my life-long obsession with food.

I list measurements in both US Standard and Metric weights because I live in the US, but have family and friends who live in the UK. This is also why I list both Farenheit and Celsius temperatures.  There are other types of temperature scales (Kelvin comes to mind), but I am not as familiar with them, and until I get a better feel for the conversion rates for them, I am reluctant to set anyone up to burn otherwise good food.

My favorite free online metric conversion site can be found here: http://www.metric-conversions.org – all you do is choose what needs to be converted to what, and plug in the numbers.

What My Abbreviations Mean:

wz stands for weight ounce

fz stands for US fluid ounce (I know there is a very slight difference between the US and UK fluid ounces, but I have been unsuccessful working out the exact conversion to my satisfaction. All liquids are weighed on my kitchen scale).

L stands for litre

mL stands for millilitre

g stands gram

kg stands for kilogram

# stands for pound

F stands for Farenheit

C stands for Celsius

tsp stands for US teaspoon

TBS stands for US tablespoon

A pinch works out to roughly 1/8 tsp, but isn’t meant or required to be an exact measure

Scaling Recipes:

If you like a recipe, but need to increase it by more than double or decrease to less than half, please send me a note so I can give you the proper measurements and adjusted cooking times.  Ratios of many ingredients don’t change exponentially in most recipes – especially baked goods and sauces.

Ingredient Substitutions:

All of my ingredients are, by nature, things I have access to here at home. Whenever possible, I will try to list alternate names (or full substitutions) when I know about them. If a recipe contains something you are unfamiliar with, put a comment under that recipe indicating what you cannot find, and I will be happy to find out what you can use in your neck of the woods.

Special Requests:

Please allow me a day or two to reply to your request. Scaling is pretty quick, but sometimes ingredient substitutions take a bit of research, and with time differences, it can take a little extra time. I will get your answer for you as quickly as I possibly can, though.


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