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I am a house spouse with a Culinary degree. This mainly means that I can cook in more than one language, and am a lot nicer to my knives than I used to be.

It has also helped me learn how to feed my family well and healthy on my very tight budget, as I now know where I was wasting time, money and food without realizing it.

Whenever possible, pictures will be included. Some of them are a bit on the pink side, as it took me a year to figure out my camera. I’m definitely not going to win photographer of the year any time soon, so expect the odd fuzzy pink image of an otherwise delicious dish. Or three…

There are several categories set up to make finding what you are looking for a bit easier.

So far, they are:

Weekly Menus: This is the best way to stretch your dollars, and something most of us don’t think about. From the big Sunday Dinner with planned leftover parts, down to the Friday Chef-Mom’s Special combining fresh ingredients with the remaining leftovers, every dinner menu is planned for maximum flavor and nutrition while minimizing waste and those lost leftovers that seem to multiply in the back of the fridge.

Daily Menus: Another way to plan ahead, utilizing the already hot stove for dinner prep that can be done earlier in the day when you’re already in the kitchen making lunch or breakfast.

Tips and Tricks: Little things anyone can do to make their lives a little easier.

Techniques: Descriptions and pictures of some of the really cool stuff I learned at school.



Sides: What to serve with that beautiful entree.

Entrees: Main courses with and without meat.

Desserts: Not always sugary, but definitely a sweet finish to complement that healthy meal.

Bites: Hors d’oeuvres, snacks, and mini desserts can be found here.

Beverages: Inexpensive alternatives to Barista and Smoothie house fare, fun cocktails for those over and under the legal drinking age, summer beverages, winter warm-ups, and any other liquid refreshment that we have enjoyed over the years.

Parties: Menus and shopping plans to help ease your wallet while maximizing your ‘wow’ factor.

Gluten Free: For the celiacs out there.

Vegetablerian: Meatless munchies, not all of which will be completely devoid of animal products, such as butter. Vegan substitutions will be noted for those in need of them.

Grains: From amaranth to polenta to quinoa. Fun, tasty alternatives to the standard starchy carb heavy side dish.


Home Remedies: Recipes to feed your family for maximum health at the first signs of cold and flu sneason, plus other health-boosting recipes that have been useful in my family over the years.

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