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BoozeyFruit and Basic Homemade Tinctures


Do you make your own extracts and tinctures? I do. With a little modification to my original process, I have found that I not only get great full-flavored tinctures, but the vodka-infused fruit left behind is pretty cool, too!

This is a measurement-less recipe as the time of year, fruit used, personal taste, and your location will affect how much vodka and fruit you need. 

You will Need:

1 1-Quart mason jar
Fruit of choice
Sauce pot
Mesh strainer
Cookie sheet
If fruit is small, like berries or grapes: wash and leave whole.
If fruit is larger, like peaches or pineapple: wash, peel as needed, and cut into rough, thumb-sized chunks.
Fill sterile mason jar with fruit, then add vodka to brim.
Pour the whole lot into a sauce pot over low heat (I do mean the very lowest possible setting on your stove).
Warm the fruit, but do not cook or stir it. Takes about 15-30 seconds.
Transfer everything back to the mason jar. Cap tightly and store in a cool dark place.
On the 3rd day, strain most of the fruit bits out of the liquid.
Transfer the strained fruit to a cookie sheet and into the freezer. When fruit pieces are solid, transfer to a freezer-burn resistant container (This is your BoozeyFruit).
Reseal the liquid and remaining fruit, and put back into a cool dark place for at least six more weeks (This is your tincture).
The best part? Everything gets used! I still kick myself when I think of all that fruit I wasted over the years.
A Note:
I have done this with vanilla beans, and then used the infused beans (made into a paste) instead of extract in a couple of my baking adventures.
The flavor overwhelmed my sugar cookie recipe, but really made my sage bread stand up and shout!

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Honey Mint Tea

This recipe has gotten me through many late-night writing sessions without any harmful side effects.  I keep a pitcher in the fridge when I think I’ll need a boost.

Per 64 fz (1814g) Pitcher:

50 fz (1417.5 g) Room temperature water
14 fz (396.5 g) Hot honey
Stir 24 fz (680 g) of the water slowly into the hot honey.
Transfer the cooled honey mixture into a refrigerator-safe pitcher.
Mix in the rest of the water into the pitcher, then chill in the cooler until ready to use.To serve:
Fill a tall glass half-way with ice.
Add one torn mint-leaf.
Pour honey mixture over ice and mint.
Stir to infuse, and enjoy.Per single glass:
6 fz (170 g)  Room temperature water
2 fz (56.5 g)  Hot honey
Slowly stir all water into the honey, then pour over ice and mint.

This tastes good hot on a cold night, too:
Use 8 fz (227 g) hot water instead of 6 fz (170g) room temp water, and omit the ice.

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